Your passive-aggressive backyard squirrel

SQRL is a grassroots cryptocurrency empowering community adoption on Alephium

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3'846 ALPH

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Squirrel is a community coin on the Alephium Blockchain. SQRL is supposed to represent that classic east coast squirrel. That squirrel that works hard all year long to ensure it will survive the severe winter. That squirrel commited to adapting and learning through trial-and-error.

SQRL is a project that promotes and encourages new developers to try Ralph & experiment with UTxO, Sharding, and all the other great things that make Alephium futureproof.

The goal of SQRL is to be a staple of the Alephium community promoting adoption via outreach, educational resource creation, and a multitude of other things.

The goal of SQRL is to develop Smart Contracts, Protocols, Dapps, and Tooling to enable and improve the Alephium Ecosystem.

The Squirrel Development Team is excited to finally be able to share the project roadmap with you all. We want to know what you would like to see on Alephium & what you would like to do with your $SQRL!

March 2024
Create an Alephium Market Tracker. $SQRL will provide premium features.
April 2024
Rabid Squirrels NFT Project. Proceeds will go towards $SQRL buybacks & DEX LP
May 2024
DAO Voting Platform. Vote with SQRL.


42.12% : Treasury

48.09% : Public - Via Faucet

9.80% : Team